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Key Points Of Construction And Installation Of Coated Steel Pipe

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1), should according to the "building water supply plastic composite pipe engineering technical regulations"

2), plastic-coated steel pipe should choose the following construction machines and tools:

(1) cutting should use metal saw cutting;

(2) Special groove rolling machine should be adopted for groove pressing;

(3) Bends should be cold bent by a pipe bender;

(4) Electric threading machine should be used for pipe thread processing;

(5) Deburring of coated steel pipe ports and processing of round corners should be done with files;

(6) Small brushes or toothbrushes should be used for coating high-strength inorganic solvent liquid epoxy resin coatings.


3), plastic-coated steel pipe construction procedures shall meet the following requirements:

(1) the coated steel pipe should not be buried in the reinforced concrete structure layer;

(2) Welding is prohibited in the installation of coated steel pipes;

(3) The installation of coated steel pipe should be gradually connected from large diameter to small diameter, and the nozzle should be blocked in time;

(4) During transportation, loading and unloading and site construction, throwing and violent impact of coated steel pipes are strictly prohibited;

(5) When the coated steel pipe is installed, it can be cold bent by a pipe bender when the pipe diameter is not more than DN50, but its bending radius of curvature shall not be less than 8 times the pipe diameter and the bending angle shall not be greater than 10.

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