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Anti-corrosion steel pipe selection

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Anti-corrosion steel pipes are used in petroleum, chemical, gas, heat, sewage treatment, water, bridges, steel pipes and other engineering fields, they are divided into the following categories.


IPN8710 corrosion

When steel corrodes in a variety of media, such as acids, alkalis, salts, oxidisers and water vapour, the coating must be chemically inert, in acid salt corrosion the coating should be a dense structure, water permeability, adhesion, tough and plump. Such cases are IPN8710 corrosion.


IPN8710 anti-corrosion primer: composed of polyurethane, polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-corrosion pigments, additives, etc., room temperature curing to form interpenetrating networks, coating structure is dense, acid, alkali, salt, rust resistance, strong adhesion of water supply pipe wall anti-corrosion primer. IPN8710 anti-corrosion topcoat: composed of epoxy resin, rubber, resin modification, non-toxic anti-corrosion pigments, additives, etc. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti-microbial corrosion, anti-corrosion protection of water pipeline wall.


FBE epoxy powder corrosion

FBE epoxy powder anti-corrosion structure: electrostatic spraying epoxy powder coating on the surface of steel parts, film formation. The coating has the advantages of simple coating operation, clean, good coating impact resistance and bending performance, temperature resistance, etc.


2PE/3PE corrosion

2PE/3PE anti-corrosion structure: the surface adopts steel plate and epoxy powder electrostatic spraying adhesive side winding, side winding polyethylene coating, combining the excellent performance of the three, thus significantly improving the overall anti-corrosion quality of the pipeline. Chemical corrosion resistance, cathodic stripping resistance, performance mechanical damage.


Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion

Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion structure: made of epoxy resin + coal tar asphalt filler + anti-corrosion coating, coated with glass cloth on the steel surface to strengthen the coating formation, commonly used in the inner wall of the pipeline anti-corrosion. Thickness 0.5 ~ 1.0mm.


High-density polyethylene sheath corrosion

High-density polyethylene sheathing anti-corrosion structure: The outer surface of the pipe is wrapped with high-density polyethylene material, which has high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, and can protect the steel from damage by external factors during transportation, installation and use.


The manufacture of brackets should add antioxidant, UV stabiliser and carbon black etc.


Easy to age polyethylene casing, such as open storage tarp and other suitable cover, stacking should be away from high temperature fire anti-corrosion steel pipe made to prohibit exposure to the sun, sudden cold, otherwise polyethylene sheathing tube is prone to cracking, affecting product performance and service life.

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