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Polyurethane Foam Insulation Pipe

Update time:2024-05-27


Polyurethane Foam Insulation Pipe brief introduction

Polyurethane Foam Insulation Pipe refers to a pipeline that has been equipped with thermal insulation to reduce heat transfer between the transported contents and the surrounding environment.

Insulated pipelines are used in various industries and applications to maintain the temperature of fluids (liquids or gases) being transported, prevent condensation, improve energy efficiency, and protect the pipeline from temperature-related stress.


Product IndexesReference StandardStandard RequirementOur product value
Outer protection pipe
Density (kg/m)CJ/T114-≥940948.2
Elongation at break (%)CJ/T114-≥350618
Tensile yield strength (MPa)CJ/T114-≥1920.5
Longitudinal shrinkage rate (%)CJ/T114-≤31.23
Long term Mechanical propertiesCJ/T114->1500h(80℃,4.0 MPa)free from damagePass
The difference of the melt flow rate (g/10min)CJ/T114-≤0.50.11
Carbon Black Content %CJ/T114-±0.52.4
Polyurethane insulation layer
Density (kg/m³)CJ/T114-4.3.2≥6071.1
Average pore size (mm)CJ/T114-4.3.1≤0.5qualified
Percentage of close area(%)CJ/T114-4.3.1≥8894
Compressive strength(MPa)CJ/T114-4.3.3≥0.30.58
Water absorption(%)CJ/T114-4.3.4Immersion in boiling water 90 minutes, bubble water absorption should be not more than 10%≤5.53
Working steel pipe
Seamless steel pipe(≤DN150)GB816320#qualified
Spiral steel pipe(≥DN200)GB/T9711 or SY/T5037Q235Bqualified


Product nameThermal insulation direct buried pipe
Length5.8m-12m, or by customer's requirements
Nominal diameterDN25-1800
Laid wayBuried
ApplicationFluid Pipe, Natural gas, Gas, Oil, Hydraulic, chemical, drill, etc.
Production StandardThe national standard GB/T29047-2012, CJ/T114-2000, CJ/T155-2001


Pipe insulation what material good ?

Foam tubing, available in different sizes, designs, and structures, is used for pipe protection. The important factor to take into account when selecting foam tubing is the material used to produce it. This material-type's thermal insulators are usually made of porous materials — glass or mineral wool, rubber, polystyrene, polyurethane, or polyethylene foam.

Polyurethane-foam tubing is often used to insulate central heating and domestic-water pipelines. This material is resistant in the temperature range -50°C to 135°C, and has a low heat-transfer coefficient. Such a thermal insulator is rigid, and protects pipes from damage. Tubing made of polyurethane foam is distinguished by its high level of resistance to chemicals. It comes in a soft, hard, and super-hard versions.

Polyethylene foam is also well-suited for insulating straight pipelines. It is almost totally water-repellent, highly flexible, and easy to apply to pipes. It is resistant to temperatures ranging from -80°C to 105°C. A thin polyethylene foam will protect pipes from heat-escape.

Both polyurethane and polyethylene foam tubing protects pipes against contact with the ground, guarding against plaster damage. Moreover, its application eliminates the noise associated with the system’s operation. Thus, foam tubing prevents heat-escape and eliminates cost increases. It, moreover, improves safety, and provides greater comfort for residents.


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Yes, we are manufacturer, so we can control the quality and can give you the best price.

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We are in Cangzhou city, Hebei province, China

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No, our samples are paid, one contains color samples and company brochures, the price is 12.99 US dollars, and we will not include shipping costs, please know.

4: On your website, I didn't find the insulated outer casing that I needed. Can I customize it?

Yes, of course, we can customize PVC insulation shell accessories according to your requirements.

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Tooling?Fee 100%?before?development.?Batch?Order?30%?T/T?deposit?before?production,?70%?balance?before?delivery.

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Yes, we can make customer's logo and package.

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