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3PE reinforced anti-corrosion steel pipe

Update time:2024-05-27



3PE reinforced anti-corrosion steel pipeThe three layers of the coating are as follows:

Epoxy powder (FBE) layer with a thickness of over 100 micrometers.
Adhesive (AD) layer with a thickness of 170 to 250 micrometers.
Polyethylene (PE) outer layer with a thickness of 1.8 to 3.7 millimeters.
The combination of these layers provides good corrosion resistance, water vapor permeability resistance, and mechanical properties.

It is widely used in petroleum pipelines, underground coal mine water supply, drainage systems, and other applications12. Process water waste and return water conveying pipelines in thermal power plants also benefit from 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes.


Pipe Standard: API 5L, ASTM A106, ASTM A53, EN10210, AS/NZS1163

Coating standard: DIN 30670, DIN 30678, CSA Z245.20, EN10339, ISO 21809-1, AWWA C210, C213

Out Diameter: 60.3-1422mm(2″-56″)

Wall Thickness: 6.02-50.8mm(0.237″ – 2″)

Length: 3-18 meters



product name3pe coating production line
first layerepoxy powder
second layeradhesive
third layerpolythene
coating filmFBE powder
coating materialFBE/epoxy polyester/paint
heating systemelectric eurnace equipment
cleaning methodvacuum cleaning
cooling methodwater cooling


≤ 1002.5mm1.8mm
> 100 and ≤ 2502.7mm2.0mm
> 250 and < 5002.9mm2.2mm
> 500 and < 8003.2mm2.5mm
> 8003.7mm2.5mm

The advantages of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe:

1.Durable lifetime.

2.Corrosion resistance.


4.Good resistance of impact and earthquake.

5.Excellent wear resistance.

6.Good environment protection performance.

7.Excellent electric resistance, anti-static performances.

8.Safe and reliable connection way.

9.Light, easily to move, and convenient for construction.

Four Characteristics of 3PE Anticorrosive Steel Pipe:

1.The polyethylene material used in 3pe steel pipes has a long service life, high molecular weight, good stability, and aging resistance. Under normal working temperature and pressure, the service life can be guaranteed to be over 50 years.

2.The corrosion-resistant polyethylene material used in 3PE steel pipes has high stability and can resist chemical corrosion from natural gas, liquefied gas, artificial gas, etc. The chemicals in the soil will not have any degradation effect on the pipeline.
3.The polyethylene material used for 3PE steel pipes has a fracture elongation greater than 500%. The flexibility of polyethylene material makes it easier to bend.

4.Polyethylene material with excellent impact resistance and seismic resistance has high temperature adaptability, can be safely used in the temperature range of 60-80 ℃, and has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipeline foundations. During winter construction, due to the good impact resistance of materials, pipelines will not become brittle.

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