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plastic-coated carbon steel pipe

Update time:2024-06-17


Basic Info

Plastic coated steel pipe


Pipeline Transport, Boiler Pipe, Hydraulic/Automobile Pipe, Oil/Gas Drilling, Food/Beverage/Dairy Products, Machinery Industry, Chemical Industry, Mining, Construction & Decoration, Special Purpose

Section Shape



Customized Length


Ss400/Q235/ Q345/Q460/A572/Gr.50,/Gr.1/Gr.2

Pipe Process Type


Seamless Process

Hot Rolled, Cold Drawn,Cold Rolled, etc.

Welded Process


ERW, Saw, Efw, etc.

Transport Package

Standard Marine Packing


5 - 9 tons ¥121,079 10 - 19 tons ¥114,874

Product Description

The plastic-coated carbon steel pipe is a highly versatile and durable product designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This pipe is manufactured from high-grade carbon steel, renowned for its strength and resistance to corrosion. The outer layer of plastic coating provides an additional layer of protection against external factors such as moisture, chemicals, and abrasion, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.


The combination of carbon steel and plastic coating results in a pipe that is both sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to handle and install. The coating also provides a smooth surface, reducing the risk of friction and wear during use. Additionally, the plastic coating is resistant to UV rays, ensuring that the pipe maintains its integrity and appearance in outdoor environments.


Plastic-coated pipe/Anti-corrosion pipeline processing

Outer diameter





1/8 - 26 inch

12 - 56 inch (323.8 - 1,420mm)

8 - 126 inch

40 x 20 mm -

(10.3 - 740 mm)

(219.1 - 3,200 mm)

1,000 x 800 mm

Wall thickness

0.4 - 16 mm

6.0 - 40 mm

6.0 - 26 mm

1.0 - 30 mm


5.8 ~ 12.0 mm or upon customers' requirements


GB/T 3091, GB/T 13793, ASTM A252, ASTM A53, ASTM A500, EN 10210,
EN 10219, API 5L,DIN 1626/1615, DIN 17120, etc.


SS400, Q235, Q345, Q460, A572 Gr.50, Gr.1/Gr.2/Gr.3, S235,
S275, S355, Grade A/B, X42, X52, X60, X70, etc.


Prime quality (bared, oiled, color paint, 3LPE, or other anti-corrosive treatment)


With Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties Analysis;
Dimensional and Visual Inspection, also with Nondestructive Inspection.


structure, electric power transmission tower projects, piling, water, oil & gas pipeline engineering,
mechanical industry, municipal projects, roads and its auxiliary facilities, etc.


Standard export, in bulk / bundles / nylon fabric bags with seaworthy packing;
or according to customers' requestments.

Introduction to the production process of plastic-coated composite steel pipe:

Plastic-coated composite steel pipes are divided into: hot-dipping process, internal and external spraying process, rotational molding process, shower coating process, suction coating process, fusion winding process, etc.

1.Hot dipping method: fluidized bed dipping, one-time film forming method. Also known as the first generation of anti-corrosion plastic coated steel pipe, polyethylene inside and outside.

2.Internal and external spraying process: Using electrostatic adsorption theory, through pre-treatment of steel pipes, spray polyethylene or epoxy resin powder with a spray gun. Also known as the second-generation anti-corrosion plastic-coated steel pipe epoxy composite steel pipe inside and outside.

3.Flow coating process: also known as the curtain method, through the sieve filled with powder, it is coated on the outer wall of the heated steel pipe by means of flow coating. This process can produce outer polyethylene inner epoxy composite steel pipe. Also known as the third-generation anti-corrosion of plastic-coated steel pipes.

4. Fusion winding process:Using the thermal fusion winding method, the hot melt adhesive and polyethylene are wound on the heated steel pipe in the form of an extruder, and react to form a three-layer structure. The full name is fusion bonded epoxy/extruded polyethylene structural protective layer. This process can produce outer three-layer polyethylene inner fusion bonded epoxy composite steel pipe. Also known as the fourth generation of anti-corrosion plastic coated steel pipe.

Application fields of plastic coated carbon steel pipes:

1. Petrochemical industry: In the field of petrochemical industry, plastic coated carbon steel pipes are widely used to transport various corrosive media, such as acid, alkali, salt, etc.

2. Water treatment and water supply system: In water treatment plants and water supply systems, plastic coated carbon steel pipes can be used to transport clean water, sewage, seawater desalination, etc.

3. Building drainage system: In building drainage system, plastic coated carbon steel pipes can replace traditional cast iron pipes, steel pipes, etc.

4. Fire protection system: In the fire protection system, plastic coated carbon steel pipes are used to transport fire extinguishing water and foam fire extinguishing agents, etc.

5. Power industry: In the power industry, plastic coated carbon steel pipes can be used to transport circulating water, deionized water, etc.

6. Agricultural irrigation: In the field of agricultural irrigation, plastic coated carbon steel pipes can be used to transport irrigation water and fertilizer solutions, etc.

7. Municipal engineering: In municipal engineering, plastic coated carbon steel pipes can be used for urban water supply pipe networks, drainage pipe networks, gas pipelines, etc.

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