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Applications of 3PE Coate ... 2023-08-30

Introduction:Three-layer polyethylene (3PE) coated anti-corrosion steel pipes have become a cornerst ...

Applications of Epoxy Pow ... 2023-08-30

Introduction:Epoxy powder coated anti-corrosion steel pipes have gained significant attention in var ...

Applications of Polyureth ... 2023-08-30

Introduction:Polyurethane insulated steel pipes, commonly known as PUF-insulated pipes, are a type o ...

ERW STEEL PIPE 2023-08-30

(1) welded pipe from steel plate welding into the round pipe, divided into high frequency resistance ...

EFW, HFW, ERW Steel Pipe 2023-08-29

Product NameEFW, HFW, ERW Steel PipeApplication Used for Oil/Gas/Low pressure fluid transmissio ...
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